The Wellness Offerings

Functional Movement Pattern Improvement

Functional Movement Screening uses basic movement patterns to identify muscular imbalances. It involves 7 movement tests that identifies dysfunction or asymmetry in the patient’s functional movements which would need to be corrected through exercises and stretches. Each movement is scored and therefore can be reassessed and compared which can indicate whether the patient is at a higher risk of getting injured.

Our focus is to improve the movement patterns you perform daily to ensure you are confident and comfortable in all areas of movement.

These movements include activities like:

  • Squatting: Important for sitting and standing actions
  • Lunging: Important for walking, go up or down stairs, getting into a car
  • Bending: Important for bending and object lifting actions
  • Rotation: Important for turning side to side
  • Pulling actions: Important for opening doors
  • Pushing actions: Important for moving objects
  • Gait: Walking efficiently with balance and coordination


Injury Prevention

Managing injuries concerning:

Bones & related anatomy

Injury preventative is one of our practice’s core concepts. By reducing the health and injury risk of our patients we can increase quality of life as well as performance.

Fitness Assessments

Vitality Fitness Assessment tells you how fit you are and help you understand which areas you need to focus on to prevent injury. After doing the assessment, you will get a specialized exercise plan based on the areas of need and your relevant fitness goals.