About Ras Biokinetics

Deidre Ras Biokineticists have the philosophy that there is no ‘one size fits all’ to human movement. We focus on a holistic and individualistic approach by following a brain-based approach to movement rehabilitation & improvement and functional performance programming.

We believe muscles work together in synergy along myofascial lines and make sure to restore functional movement patterns in all three planes of movement. We use a variety of modalities to treat imbalances including the use of kinesiology taping applications to bring attention to the body area. Our focus is on patient education and helping each patient understand their body and injury better.

Our mission statement at Deidre Ras Biokineticists is “MOVE BETTER MOVE MORE,” which reflects our goal of improving the quality of our patient’s lives by teaching them how to move optimally. We empower our patients by educating them about the human body and how to take the best care of their body.

Our Biokineticist

Practice Owner

Deidre Ras

2010: BA Human Movement Science degree at University of Pretoria

2013: BA Hon Biokinetics degree with distinction at University of the Free State

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Deidre Ras Photoshoot-web (BW)-24

Deidre Ras

Deidre has a passion for helping people move better and to move more. She loves helping people to understand their bodies better and to educate them on how to take ownership of their own physical wellbeing. She has a special interest in women’s health especially Diastasis Recti rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation as well as injury prevention.

Internship | 2014

Pienaar & Bresler Biokineticist at Sandton MediClininc

Junior Biokineticist | 2015

Pienaar & Bresler Biokineticist at Sandton MediClininc and Helpmekaar Kollege

Exercise Specialist | 2016 - 2018

Equinox UES in New York, USA

Medical Director and Master Instructor | 2016 – Current

Africa Region for Medical education company, RockTape SA

Membership Committee | 2021

Gauteng Biokinetics Association